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5 Ways to Flex Your Pecs To Get an Attractive Chest

how to flex your pecs

5 Ways to Flex Your Pecs To Get an Attractive Chest.

If you want to build your body into an attractive shape, you must have to build your chest because the chest is the main point of your look. You have seen it many times mostly at the gym, a guy with a well-muscled chest. There you are wondering why your chest is not grown like that guy. Why haven’t your pecs gotten bigger? There can be many reasons for this like diet, not doing the proper workout, etc.

Everyone wants to get a well-muscled chest flexing under a tight t-shirt. If you don’t know how to flex your pecs and want to know this article is for you.

Flexing pecs is not a skill. I know you want to attract admiring glances by flexing pecs. Suppose that you learned how to flex pecs, but what is the obvious benefit of this?

If you want to learn how to flex pecs, you need to build a strong muscle-mind connection.

In this article, I will show you how to flex your pecs in 5 ways.

1. Push-ups

By doing pushups in different variations daily you can flex your pecs.

You can start with standard pushups. If you have never done it before it will be harder for you. If you are a beginner you can start with stair pushups. Stair pushups are easy than standard pushups.

If you do pushups daily and now you can do more than 20 pushups at once, then you should make pushups more difficult.

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Pushups are the best exercise that helps you to build some chest strength. Pushups also allow you to increase the motion of the press-ups.

When you can easily do 20-30 pushups, then understand that you have built some muscles.

To make pushups more difficult, you can do pushups by placing your feet on a chair or something high.

You can also do diamond pushups, archer pushups, or try many other variations to make your pushups training harder.

2. Bench Press and Dumbbell Fly Supersets

The bench press is a basic chest exercise. If you are a beginner and you go into some gym, then your trainer starts your chest training with the bench press. You can flex your pecs with the bench press. But it depends on how you do bench press exercises.

For this, you can do bench presses in the super set. You can try different ways for bench presses to flex your pecs.

Bench Press
Image Credit: Unsplash

Take bench press and dumbbell fly in the superset. Suppose you are doing a flat bench press exercise. And you have to complete three sets of it.

Now include a flat bench dumbbell fly with the flat bench press. Complete 1 set of flat bench presses then complete 1 set of flat bench dumbbell flies.

Do both exercises in the same sequence.

Now do incline bench press and incline dumbbell fly in supersets in the same way.

And do decline bench press and decline dumbbell fly in supersets in the same way.

These exercises will give you massive growth to your chest and will help you to build muscles and also flex your pecs.

3. Supersets of Dumbell Fly and Press

If you tried the supersets above I mentioned, you can also look for this. If you do daily workouts then you should keep changing the exercises. If you are doing a chest workout two days a week then you should do some different each day.

Suppose you have done the exercise above I mentioned on the first day of the chest workout. Then you can try another sequence of exercises on the second day. You can try supersets of dumbbell fly and press.

Suppose you do 3 sets of dumbbell press and dumbbell fly daily separately.

Now, you have to do these exercises in supersets. Complete 1 set of flat dumbbell presses. Then complete 1 set of flat dumbbell flies.

This is the superset of both exercises. Complete both exercises in the same way.

Now complete the incline dumbbell press and the incline dumbbell flies in a superset.

Then complete the decline dumbbell press and the decline dumbbell flies in a superset.

You do not have to do the above exercises with these exercises. You can replace this workout with the above workout.

This is also an effective workout for the chest to build a massive chest.

4. Dumbell Pullover

You can also do dumbbell pullovers at end of the workout. It will help you to flex your pecs. Dumbbell pullover is an exercise for the chest, back, and shoulders.

it also effectively works on the triceps and lats. Dumbbell pullover increases flexibility and range of motion in your chest and shoulder region. Keep the arms straight throughout the movement and focus more on the chest.

If you face problems in doing Dumbbell Pullover Excercise for the chest, you can watch this video.

5. Flex Your Pecs

You need to do workout daily and you should try the exercises I mentioned above to flex your pecs. Target a minimum of 60 reps of each workout.

For example, say you’re starting with Push Ups, split your 60 reps up into sets of 10.

Start with pushups and do 15 reps in one set and complete 4 sets.

If you complete that workout easily, increase the difficulty. You can try different pushups variations to make your pushups harder or increase the number of sets.

Keep trying to increase the reps and sets of each workout as you progress through the week.

Similarly, do this for each other exercises, try to beat your total number of reps from the previous workout.

To flex the chest, you have to build your chest muscles.

To flex your pecs, relax your chest with your hands and free it.

Concentrate on your chest, particularly the tendon that runs from your armpit to your pec.

Focus your attention on the inner-bottom of your pec at the center of your chest as you contract the pectoral muscle.

Then squeeze the pec.

that is how to flex your pecs.

Hope this article was helpful for you. Keep visiting Fitness4Freaks to get more informative articles like this.

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